• National Ilizarov Course, Patna
    by ASAMI India & BOA (BOA Mid term Conference)
    July 14-15th, 2018
    Venue: Hotel Lemon Tree, Patna
    Download Course Brochure:
    Download Course Brochure:
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    National Faculty:
    Dr HR Jhunjhunwala
    Dr Harshad M Shah.
    Dr R A Agrawal
    Dr Rajat Agarwal
    Dr Manish Dhawan.
    Dr Ruta Kulkarni
    Dr Anil Mahajan
    Dr Jitendra Bhatnagar
    Dr Milind Choudhary
    Ilizarov Basic & Deformity Correction Workshops
    Live Surgery
    Eminent National Faculty
    Interesting case presentations
    Free Papers
    Foreign Fellowship Selection
    Organising Committee:
    Dr Harshad M. Shah, President ASAMI India
    Dr Rajat Agarwal, Secretary ASAMI India
    Dr Rakesh Choudhary, President BOA
    Dr Rajeev Anand, Secretary, BOA
    Dr Rajeev Anand ,Secretary, BOA
    Dr Shamsul Hoda,Joint Secretary, BOA
    Executive Committee:
    Dr Dr RN Singh     Dr SS Jha     Dr Capt. DK Sinha     Dr V K Sinha
    Dr HN Diwakar     Dr John Mukhopadhay     Dr Ashok K Sinha     Dr Amulya Kr Singh.
    Dr Ranjeet Singh     Dr NK Singh     Dr Bharat Singh     Dr Santosh Kumar
    Dr Rajat Charan     Dr KS Anand     Dr Ritesh Runu     Dr Mahesh Prasad
    Dr Praveen Sahu     Dr Madhusudan Kumar     Dr Arvind Gupta     Dr Ramit Gunjan
    Dr Anoop Kumar     Dr Sanjay Shrivastava     Dr Arnab Sinha     Dr Vikas Kumar
    Dear Orthopods,
    Bihar Orthopaedic Association & ASAMI India will organise National Ilizarov Course, Patna (BOA Mid Term Conference) on 14-15th July 2018, at Hotel Lemon Tree, Patna, Patna. Patna or Patliputra has been historically known as place of academic excellence & meditation since ages, land of Ashoka, Budha, and has been giving birth to children of knowledge like Leading National Faculty from ASAMi India will be interacting with the delegates and focussing on the training on basics of Ilizarov Ring Fixation for it variety of uses like Infected non union, deformity correction, bone transport, limb lengthening, lengthening over nail/plate, and lates updates like Spine Ilizarov, osteotomies and correction over Ilizarov for Poliomyelitis, Perthes Disease, stump lengthening, Ilizarov with Vac application, Hexapod (SUV/TSF) etc.
    Dr Harshad M Shah from Ramaiah Medical college, President ASAMI India will be the Course Chairman. Along with, Senior faculty from India like Dr HR Jhunjhunwala (Ex President ASAMI International, India, IOA) from Mumbai, Dr RA Agarwal Ex President ASAMI India from Gorakhpur, Dr Manish Dhawan from Sir Ganga Ram ,Hospital New Delh & Vice President ASAMI India, Dr Ruta Kulkarni Senior faculty from Meraj, Dr Rajat Agrawal Secretary ASAMI India from Gorakhpur, Dr Milind Choudhary Ex President ASAMI India from Akola, & other eminent faculty like Dr Anil Mahajan from Indore & Dr Jitendra Bhatnagar will elaborate the vibrant use of Ilizarov in various aspects of Orthopaedic Surgery. Main attraction of Course will be multiple basic and advanced saw bone hands on workshops on Ilizarov techniques. Our prime attraction will be a live Ilizarov surgery where pre surgery Ilizarov frame making will be another attraction on patient. We will try to make a condensed and comprehensive program so make it a quiet interactive for better learning, keeping in mind handling complicated cases of daily practice for Ilizarov Surgery.
    Scientific program is tentative and has been elaborated below, modifications will be further updated.
    Please register yourself at the earliest. Registration fee can be given in cash or DD/NEFT in the name of “Bihar Orthopaedic Association” payable at Patna, with account number SBI Ac. No.- 11049769831. Account is at SBI Patna Main Branch, West Gandhi Maidan, IFSC SBIN0000152, Cheque/DD by name of - “Bihar Orthopaedic Association” Payable at Patna
    Foreign Ilizarov Fellowship Selection: ASAMI India Committee has promised to grant one foreign fellowship in Ilizarov to one of the delegates selected in paper presentation, they have to be old member/new member of ASAMI India to apply for that.
    Candidates interested may mail me their resume, application, and paper to rajeevanand2011@gmail.com.
    Tentative Scientific Program (Course syllabus will be finalised by ASAMI India Core Committee and will be updated further):

    S.No Topic Time Faculty
    Registration & Breakfast 08.00 – 9.00 AM
    Introduction 09.00 – 9.20 AM Rakesh Choudhary

    Rajeev Anand

    Shamshul Hoda

    Harshad M Shah

    SESSION –I BASICS OF ILIZAROV (9 AM -11 AM ) Sponsor: Zydus Synovia
    1 History & Introduction to Ilizarov /ASAMI 09.00 – 09.10 AM (8+2 Mins) Arnab Sinha
    2 Indications 09.00 – 09.20 AM (8+2 Mins) Harshad M Shah
    3 Anatomty & Safe zones – Lower Limb 09.20 – 09.30 AM (8+2 Mins) R A Agrawal
    4 Biomechanics of Ilizarov Apparatus 09.30 – 09.40 AM (8+2 Mins) Jitendra Bhatnagar
    5 Corticotomy 09.40 – 09.50 AM (8+2 Mins) Manish Dhawan
    6 Limb lengthening & Bone Transport & LON 09.50 – 10.00 AM (8+2 Mins) V K Sinha
    7 Lengthening over plate 10.00 – 10.10 AM (8+2 Mins) Ruta Kulkarni
    8 Biology of Distraction Osteogenesis 10.10 – 10.20 AM (8+2 Mins) Shamsul Hoda
    9 Pre op plan & Post Op care 10.20 – 10.30 AM (8+2 Mins) Milind Choudhary
    10 Complications of Ilizarov 10.30 – 10.40 AM (8+2 Mins) John Mukhopadhaya
    11 Post Mortem of Limb Lengthening- Ilizarov Frame 10.40 – 10.50 AM (8+2 Mins) SS Jha
    12 Techniques Ilizarov frame application 10.50 – 11.00 AM (8+2 Mins) Rajat Agrarwal
    INAUGURATION – 11.00 – 11.30 AM
    13 Ilizarov – Instrumentation & Components 11.30 – 11.45 AM Milind Choudhary
    14 Wire/ half pin fixation on tibia ..Demo 11.45 – 12.00 PM Rajat Agrawal
    W1 Hands on Workshop on Tibia: Ilizarov Frame 12.00- 01.30 PM HR Jhunjhunwala

    Harshad M Shah

    RA Agrawal

    John Mukhopadhaya

    LUNCH – 01.30 – 02.00 PM
    SESSION III- TRAUMA /INFECTION 02.00 – 03 .00 PM Sponsor: Intas Alecta
    15 Ilizarov in primary Trauma 02.00 – 02.10 PM (8+2 min) Harshad M Shah
    16 Principles of infected non-union 02.10 – 02.20 PM (8+2 min) Harshad M Shah
    17 Bone transport tibia 02.20 – 02.30 PM (8+2 min) Manish Dhawan
    18 Ankle arthrodesis 02.30 – 02.40 PM (8+2 min) Anil Mahajan
    Case Discussions: trauma, Infected Non Unions 02.40- 03.10 PM (8+2 min) All Faculty
    SESSION IV: 03.00 – 04.00 PM
    W2 WorkShop : Peo-Op Planning / Apparatus/ Ring Construct of Live Surgery 03.10 – 04.00 PM (8+2 Mins) All Faculty
    SESSION V – DEFORMITY CORRECTION – 04.00 – 05.00 PM Sponsor: Intas Alecta
    19 Normal & Abnormal 04.00 – 04.10 PM (8+2 min) Rajat Agrawal
    20 Mal-Alignment & Malorientation Tests 04.10 – 04.20 PM (8+2 min) Ruta Kulkarni
    21 Frontal Plane Deformity Correction 04.20 – 04.30 PM (8+2 min) Ruta Kulkarni
    22 Sagittal Plane Deformity Correction 04.30 – 04.40 PM (8+2 min) R A Agrawal
    23 Oblique Plane deformity Correction 04.40 – 04.50 PM (8+2 min) HR Jhunjhunwala
    24 Rules of Osteotomy For Deformity Correction 04.50 – 05.00 PM (8+2 min) Milind Choudhary
    SESSION VI: 05.00 – 05.30 PM (FREE PAPERS)
    Case Discussion: 05.30 – 07.00 PM
    Cultural Evening: 07.30 Pm Onwards

    Final scientific program will be updated on ASAMI India & BOA WhatsApp group & BOA website
    For Enquiries, Contact – Dr Shamsul Hoda, Convenor, Ilizarov Sub Committee, BOA, email:doctorhoda@orthoworlds.com, WhatsApp; 9308334056, 7070467777
    Before 30th April Till 31st June Spot/ After 31st June
    ASAMI/BOA Member Rs 2000 Rs 2500 Rs 3000
    Non ASAMI/BOA Member Rs 2500 Rs 3000 Rs 3500
    PG students Rs 1000 Rs 1500 Rs 1500
    Spouse Rs 1000 Rs 1500 Rs 2000
    Pay by Cash /DD/NEFT- SBI Ac. No.- 11049769831, SBI Patna Main Branch, West Gandhi Maidan, IFSC SBIN0000152, Cheque/DD by name of- “Bihar Orthopaedic Association” Payable at Patna. Filled forms & cash please submit filled form to Mr Uday BOA Staff (Ph 9308269182) at BOA office, IMA Building, Gandhi Maidan Patna, Patna. Address for correspondence: BOA Office, IMA Building, South Gandhi Maidan, Patna-800001, Bihar
    Those who will become life member ASAMI (Rs 4000/=) this time, (download ASAMI Membership form from ASAMI India Website, fill in and mail to us/whatsapp form and DD snapshot), please submit filled form to Mr Uday at BOA office, Patna. Those who are getting registered please send snapshot to both whatsapp no. 9308334056 & mailto: doctorhoda@gmail.com, Dr Shamsul Hoda, Organising Secretary, and may enquire for any help. For better and faster response, kindly fill in online form via link: https://goo.gl/forms/eu0m8nGjYg6WkXMF3
    For Accommodation Assistance, Kindly contact Mr Rajeev Thakur (For Hotel Lemon Tree) Ph 9117777404, &Mr Adeel Ahmed (OYO Hotels) Ph 9051525006, ‬9570718430. For Registration assistance, contact Mr Uday BOA Staff on Ph 9308269182.

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