ASAMI INDIA ORTHO TV WEBINAR 1- Principals of Infected Non Union Management


✨ASAMI India & Ortho TV Live Webinar 1

Date 12-04-2020, Sunday || Time 07.00-09.00 PM

🔺Click to open live stream on Ortho TV online on Sunday 12th April 7 pm

🔸Subject :  

🔹Moderator – Dr Manish Dhawan


Dr Mangal Parihar

Panel Discussion/ Case Presentation:

Dr Harshad M Shah

Dr Ruta Kulkarni

Dr Rajat Agarwal

Dr PN Vasudevan

Dr RA Agarwal

Dr Rajesh Rohilla

Dr Anil Mahajan

Dr NS Reddy

Dr Suresh Nesari

Dr Jitendra Bhatnagar


Dr Ashok Shyam

Dr Shamsul Hoda

Dr Ravi Chauhan

Decluttering of Infected non- union Management by Masters Lecture followed by various case discussions

Ask Questions by Texting or Audio and Video – to Dr Ashok Shyam 9833110366 [WhatsApp link ]

Dr Shamsul Hoda 9308334056 (WhatsApp link )

Dr Ravi Chauhan 9582679293

Please participate in Large Numbers and make it successful


Dr Manish Dhawan

President ASAMI India


Dr Shamsul Hoda

Coordinator Ortho Worlds Ortho TV


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