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🔶Ortho TV Health Channel🔶, powered by Ortho Worlds IORG, presents 

🔶Covid Update – Evaluation & Management – Vaccine, Home Treatment, Oxygen, Remdisivir, Covid then & Now.🔶

🗓Date: 25th April, 2021 ⏰Time: 07.00 PM-09.00 PM IST

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🔶Workshop Speakers:

  1. Dr Aafrin Shabbir- consultant internal medicine and diabetologist, Gleneagles Global Healthcity,Cordinator for Telemedicine, Chennai
  • Covid Vaccine – Should I ?
  • COVID past present and future 
  1. Dr Indu Bubna- Dr Indu Bubna is a Pulmonologist from Mumbai . She has been awarded Top Pulmonologists in Mumbai in the year 2020,2021, Most Trusted Lungs Specialist in Mumbai, 2021, Top Doctors in Mumbai ,2020

Talk- how Doctors & Patients can manage themselves at home starting from symptoms to investigations n treatment 

  • Symptoms, When to approach a pulmonologist
  • What Patients should monitor while in home quarantine in if no beds
  • Investigations at home 
  • Treatment at home 
  • Treatment if no bed 
  1. Dr BB Bharti – Chief Cardiologist, Director, Ford Hospital, Patna
  • Manage Covid treatment as a team
  • Cardiac symptoms, complications, and management related to covid
  1. Dr Prakash Sinha – Chest Physician, Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna 
  • Indications for hospital admission 
  • Treatment protocol – at hospital 
  • Ramdesivir – a boon or placebo 
  • HRCT /CXR how imp and what to see 
  • How to manage with oxygen crisis


Dr Shiva Shankar, President, IOA

Dr naveen thakkar, Secretary IOA

Dr Atul Srivastava, Vice President,IOA

Dr Rajeev Raman, Chairman Inland Fellowship IOA

Dr SN Sarraf, President BOA

Dr Madhusudan Kr, Secretary BOA

Dr Ashok Sinha, Past President BOA

Dr Manoj Choudhary, Past President BOA

Dr Amulya Singh, Chairman GOF

Dr Rakesh Choudhary, Past president BOA

Dr Rajeev Anand, Past Secretary BOA

Dr Praveen kr Sahu, past Treasurer BOA

Dr KS Anand, Secretary IFAS

BOA & IOA EC Members

🔶Moderator: Dr Shamsul Hoda, Ortho TV (for queries live, WhatsApp 7070467777)

🔶Ortho TV Coordinators:

Dr Ashok Shyam

Dr Neeraj Bijlani

You are requested to join for this essential webinar discussion on how to evaluate & manage difficult Covid times as a doctor & patient, how to treat at home when beds not available.


Dr Shamsul Hoda


Coordinator, Ortho TV

Dr Indu Bubna Talking on Covid management of home quarantine patients


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