DOA Ortho TV Webinar 3 – Paediatric Lower Limb Trauma


DOA Ortho TV Webinar 3:

⛳Second e-Symposium⛳

Paediatric Orthopaedics

Delhi Orthopaedic Association(DOA)

Pediatric Orthopaedic Foundation(POF)

👨🏻‍💻Theme: Paediatric Lower Limb Trauma

🗓️Date: 25th April ⏰Time: 7 PM to 9 PM

📲Click to see recording :



Dr. Manish Dhawan


* ➡️Femoral shaft fractures : Dr. Ramani Narasimhan

* ➡️Femoral neck fractures : Dr. Sanjay Sarup

* ➡️Ankle fractures : Dr. P N Gupta

Lectures followed by Case based discussion

🥎Expert Panel/Speakers

* Dr. Ramani Narasimhan

* Dr. Sanjay Sarup

* Dr. P N Gupta

🥎DOA Panel

* Dr. Sharad Aggarwal – President DOA

* Dr. Lalit Maini – President Elect DOA

* Dr. Harmesh Kapoor – Vice President DOA

* Dr. Hitesh Lal – Secretary DOA

* Dr. Dhananjay Gupta – Past President DOA

* Dr. Vineet Arora – Scientific Committee DOA

* Dr. Rehan Ul Haq – Scientific Committee DOA

🥎POF Panel

* Dr. Manoj Padman

* Dr. Arun Goel

* Dr. Anil Agarwal

* Dr. Alok Sud



* Dr. Ashok Shyam

* Dr. Shamsul Hoda

* Dr. Ravi Chauhan


For Questions Please sms/whatsApp to :

* Dr. Ashok Shyam – 09833110366 (

* Dr. Shamsul Hoda – 09308334056 (

* Dr. Ravi Chauhan – 09582679293

Please participate in Large Numbers and make it successful


Dr. Manish Dhawan

Treasurer IOA

President ASAMI India


Dr. Sharad Agarwal

President DOA


Dr. Manoj Padman

Secretary POF


Dr Shamsul Hoda

Coordinator Orthoworlds Ortho TV


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