DOA PG Teaching Webinar – Focus Elbow


[10:18 PM, 6/16/2020] Dr Ravi Chauhan Gangaram Hospital: Delhi Orthopaedic Association (DOA)⛳
PG Teaching Webinar
Theme : Elbow

🥎Webinar Moderator

Dr. Manish Dhawan
President ASAMI India/Treasurer IOA

🥎Dr. Sharad Agarwal
President DOA

🥎Dr Hitesh Lal
Secretary DOA

🗓Date: 21st June ⏰Time: 7 PM to 9 PM

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  • Dr. P. P. Kotwal
  • Dr. Lalit Maini
  • Dr. Alok Sud
  • Dr. Alok C. Agrawal
  • Dr. Nirmal Raj Gopinathan

🥎 Expert Panel

  • Dr. Rajagopalan
  • Dr. Arun Goel

🥎DOA Faculty

  • Dr. Sharad Agarwal – President DOA
  • Dr. Lalit Maini – President Elect DOA
  • Dr. Harmesh Kapoor – Vice President DOA
  • Dr. Hitesh Lal – Secretary DOA
  • Dr. Dhananjay Gupta – Past President DOA
  • Dr. R K Mishra – Treasurer DOA
  • Dr. Vineet Arora – Scientific Committee DOA
  • Dr. Rehan Ul Haq – Scientific Committee DOA

🥎Scientific Program

💠History and Examination of an elbow Case — Dr. Lalit Maini
💠Radiological Assessment of Elbow – Dr. Alok Sud
💠Short case of Cubitus Varus deformity — Dr. Nirmal Raj Gopinathan
💠Short case of Non -Union Lateral condyle of Humerus — Dr. Alok C Agrawal
💠Short Case of Stiff Elbow — Dr. P P Kotwal

🥎Webinar Co-Ordinators

  • Dr. Ashok Shyam
  • Dr. Shamsul Hoda
  • Dr. Ravi Chauhan

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This Webinar is Supported by Unrestricted Education Grant from Zydus Cadila , the makers of Nucoxia

Dr. Manish Dhawan
President ASAMI India/Treasurer IOA
Webinar Moderator

Dr. Sharad Agarwal
President DOA

Dr Hitesh Lal
Secretary DOA

Dr Shamsul Hoda
Coordinator Ortho Worlds Ortho TV


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