DOA PG Webinar Foot and Ankle


Delhi Orthopaedic Association(DOA) Post Graduate Webinar Foot and Ankle

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⛳Delhi Orthopaedic Association (DOA)⛳

                   PG Teaching Webinar

                 Theme : Foot and Ankle


🥎Webinar Moderator


Dr. Manish Dhawan

President ASAMI India/Treasurer IOA


🥎Dr. Sharad Agarwal

President DOA


🥎Dr Hitesh Lal

Secretary DOA


🗓Date: 28th June ⏰Time: 7 PM to 9 PM


📲Click to Connect For live streaming on 28th June at 7 pm : 




* Dr. Mathew Varghese

* Dr. Kamal Dureja

* dR. Rajesh Simon

* Dr. Alok Sud

* Dr. Maninder S Singh

* Dr. Rajat Chopra


🥎 Expert Panel


* Dr. S S Jha

* Dr. V K Gautam

* Dr. Rajesh Vohra


🥎DOA Faculty


* Dr. Sharad Agarwal – President DOA

* Dr. Lalit Maini – President Elect DOA

* Dr. Harmesh Kapoor – Vice President DOA

* Dr. Hitesh Lal – Secretary DOA

* Dr. Dhananjay Gupta – Past President DOA

* Dr. R K Mishra – Treasurer DOA

* Dr. Vineet Arora – Scientific Committee DOA

* Dr. Rehan Ul Haq – Scientific Committee DOA


🥎Scientific Program


1. How to Approach Foot and Ankle Case – Dr. Maninder S Singh

2. Radiological assessment of Foot and Ankle case – Dr. Kamal Dureja

3. Short case of Clubfoot – Dr. Alok Sud

4. Short case of PPRP Foot deformity / Foot drop – Dr. Mathew Varghese 

5. Short Case of Adult acquired flatfoot – Dr. Rajesh Simon 

6. Short Case of Hallux Valgus – Dr. Rajat Chopra


🥎Webinar Co-Ordinator


* Dr. Ravi Chauhan


🥎 Ortho-TV / Ortho-worlds


* Dr. Ashok Shyam – Chief Editor Ortho-TV

* Dr. Neeraj Bijlani – Co-ordinator Ortho-TV

* Dr. Shamsul Hoda – Co-ordinator Ortho-TV / Editor Ortho-worlds 


🥎For Questions Please sms/whatsApp to :


* Dr. Ashok Shyam – 09833110366 (

* Dr. Shamsul Hoda – 09308334056 (

* Dr. Ravi Chauhan – 09582679293 ( )


Please participate in Large Numbers and make it successful


This Webinar is Supported by Unrestricted Education Grant from Zydus Cadila , the makers of Nucoxia  


🌉Dr. Manish Dhawan

President ASAMI India/Treasurer IOA

Webinar Moderator 


🌉Dr. Sharad Agarwal

President DOA


🌉Dr Hitesh Lal

Secretary DOA


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