DOA/POF Ortho TV Webinar 1- Paediatric Upper Limb Trauma


🔵DOA/POF Ortho TV Webinar 🔵

Paedatric Orthopaedics

🔘Delhi Orthopaedic Association(DOA)/Pediatric Orthopaedic Foundation(POF)

🗓Date 14th April, 🕰Time 6-8pm
Subject: Paediatric upper limb trauma

🖍Click to see rcording on Ortho TV:

🔺Lecture Topics

▶️Distal Radius fractures (15 minutes) : Dr. Manoj Padman
▶️Forearm fractures , what is and what is not acceptable ( 15 minutes ) : Dr. Ramani Narasimhan
▶️Supracondylar fractures Tips and Tricks ( 15 minutes ) : Dr. Vikas Gupta
▶️Lateral Condyle fractures ( 15 minutes ) : Dr. Alok Sud

Lectures followed by Case based discussion

🔸Moderator- Dr Manish Dhawan

🔸Speakers/POF Faculty:

  • Dr Ramani Narasimhan
  • Dr Manoj Padman
  • Dr Vikas Gupta
  • Dr Alok Sud


  • Dr Sanjay Sarup
  • Dr Anil Agarwal
  • Dr Ravi Chauhan

🔸DOA Panel:

  • Dr. Sharad Aggarwal – President DOA
  • Dr. Lalit Maini – President Elect DOA
  • Dr. Harmesh Kapoor – Vice President DOA
  • Dr. Hitesh Lal – Secretary DOA
  • Dr. Dhananjay Gupta – Past President DOA
  • Dr. Vineet Arora – Scientific Committee DOA
  • Dr. Rehan Ul Haq – Scientific Committee DOA


  • Dr Ashok Shyam
  • Dr Shamsul Hoda
  • Dr Ravi Chauhan

Ask Questions by Texting or Audio and Video – to Dr Ashok Shyam 09833110366 []
Dr Shamsul Hoda 09308334056 (
Dr Ravi Chauhan 9582679293
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Dr Manish Dhawan
President ASAMI India/ Treasurer IOA

Dr. Sharad Agarwal
President DOA

Dr. Manoj Padman
Secretary POF

Dr Shamsul Hoda
Coordinator Ortho Worlds Ortho TV


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