DOA webinar 6- Unstable Pelvic Fractures


⛳Delhi Orthopaedic Association (DOA)⛳
Unstable Pelvic Fractures : Resuscitation to Rehabilitation

🗓Date: 26th April ⏰Time: 7 PM to 10 PM

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🥎Dr. Manish Dhawan

President ASAMI India/Treasurer IOA

Webinar Moderator

🥎Dr. Sharad Agarwal

President DOA

🥎Dr Vijay Sharma

Prof. Orthopaedics


Webinar Convener

🥎Speakers/Expert Panel

* Dr Khong Kok-Sun

* Dr Inder Gill

* Dr Vijay Sharma

* Dr Vivek Trikha

* Dr Abhay Elhence

* Dr.Punit Mishra

* Dr Amit Gupta

* Dr Shivanand Gamanagatti

🥎DOA Panel

* Dr. Sharad Aggarwal – President DOA

* Dr. Lalit Maini – President Elect DOA

* Dr. Harmesh Kapoor – Vice President DOA

* Dr. Hitesh Lal – Secretary DOA

* Dr. Dhananjay Gupta – Past President DOA

* Dr. Vineet Arora – Scientific Committee DOA

* Dr. Rehan Ul Haq – Scientific Committee DOA

🥎Scientific Program

💠7.00-7.05 Introduction : Dr. Vijay Sharma

Case scenario: Unstable patient with pelvic fracture in ED

💠7.05-7.13 Resus. In ED : Dr. Amit Gupta

Pt still unstable

💠7.13-7.23 Role of C Clamp &External Fixator : Dr. Punit Mishra

Pt still unstable

Next line of defence

💠7.23-7.31 Pelvic packing: When & How : Dr. Amit Gupta

💠7.31-7.39 Role of Embolisation : Dr. Shivanand

💠7.39- 7.51 ED management of unstable pelvic fractures

What Protocols we follow in NHS :Dr..Inder Gill

💠7.51-8.01 Discussion :All Faculty

Patient now stabilized haemodynamically

What next

💠8.01-8.13 Evaluation:Radiology and Classification :Dr.Abhay Elhence

💠8.13-8.19 Principles of definitive management : Dr.Khong Kok-Sun

💠8.19-8.29 Anterior Ring Fixation:When & How : Dr.Vijay Sharma

Posterior Ring Definitive fixation

💠8.29-8.41 Sacroiliac Joint injuries: Dr.Khong Kok-Sun

💠8.41-8.53 Fractures of Sacrum& Lumbo-pelvic region :Dr. Vivek Trikha

💠8.53-9.00 Discussion : All Faculty

🥎Webinar Co-Ordinators

* Dr. Ashok Shyam

* Dr. Shamsul Hoda

* Dr. Ravi Chauhan

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* Dr. Ashok Shyam – 09833110366 (

* Dr. Shamsul Hoda – 09308334056 (

* Dr. Ravi Chauhan – 09582679293 ( )

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Dr. Manish Dhawan

President ASAMI India/Treasurer IOA

Webinar Moderator

Dr. Sharad Agarwal

President DOA

Dr Vijay Sharma

Prof. Orthopaedics


Webinar Convener

Dr Shamsul Hoda

Coordinator OrthoWorlds Ortho TV


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