Fracture Neck of femur

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Fracture Neck of femur

Excellent case discussion forum about fracture neck of femur of a lady 60 yrs old, valgus impacted #.. discussion about CCS vs hemiarthroplasty goes on… 

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1. Enumerate reasons as why fracture neck of femur has high incidence of non union
2. What is Garden’s alignment index?
3. What is the role of Pauwel’s classification in deciding optimum implant for management?
4. Cemented Vs Uncemented?
5. THA or hemiarthroplasty in patients above 60 years?
6. Concept of physiological age.
7. Is bipolar better than unipolar?

See details:

Orthopaedic Principles Forum – DNB topics discussion – Fracture Neck of Femur


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