Ilizarov in Adult Club Foot Deformity


One 20 years young girl, came to my clinic with history of club foot deformity since childhood, now was worried if she will have problem in marriage, due to foot problem, she visited multiple clinics where she was said it won’t be corrected properly and some problem will remain, or leg shortening will persist, or due to very high cost, hence she came with lots of hope with financial constraints.

I planned her correction with Ilizarov deformity surgery wit V Osteotomy and gradual correction.

Pre Op Planning:

`Surgical Pictures

Post Op Protocol: Gradual correction over osteotomy done correcting equinus, cavus, adduction, and within 3 weeks complete correction achieved @1mm/day. Then 10 weeks Frame left for consolidation of regenerate at osteotomy site. Then walking B/K plaster applied 4 weeks..

Post op near normal alignmentawas achieved and after 4 more weeks she could walk normally without any limp, and planned happily for her marriage then.


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