Jharkhand Orthopaedic Association Webinars

1. Jharkhand Orthopaedic Association webinar on Sports Medicine: Knee Injuries



2. Jharkhand Orthopaedic Associaiton Webianr 2: Proximal Tibia Fracture



3. Jharkhand Orthopaedic Associaiton Webinar 3: Musculoskeletal Oncology –

Live on Ortho TV, 21.06.2020, 2-4 pm on link: https://bit.ly/OrthoTV-JOA-3

🔹 Jharkhand Orthopaedic Association JOA Sunday Webinars:Pelviacetabular Fractures

The Essential Updates on Pelviacetabular Injuries

🔺28th June: 2.00 PM: https://bit.ly/OrthoTV-JOA-4

🔸President JOA: Dr AK Barnwal

🔸Secretary JOA: Dr Govind Kumar

🔹Moderator: Dr Rajeev Raman


1-Dr NK Magu

2-Dr Sunit Hazra

3-Dr A Ayan

4-Dr AN Roy

5- Dr Rakesh Agarwal

🔸Technical Support:  Dr Ashok Shyam, Dr Neeraj Bijlani, Dr Shamsul Hoda.

🔹Organised by JOA, Streaming on OrthoTV


Jharkhand Orthopaedic Association JOA Sunday Webinars: 🔺Foot and Ankle

🔺5th July: 2.00 PM: https://bit.ly/OrthoTV-JOA-5

🔸President JOA: Dr AK Barnwal
🔸Secretary JOA: Dr Govind Kumar Gupta

🔹Moderator: Dr Govind Kumar Gupta

1-Dr Rajeev Vohra – President IFAS
2-Dr Sudhir Kumar
3-Dr Kumar Santan Anand
4-Dr Rohit Lal
5- Dr Kushal Nag

1 Key Note lecture
Ankle fracture decision making
Dr Rajeev Vohra
President Indian Foot and Ankle Society

2 Soft tissue reconstruction in ankle trauma my experience
Dr Sudhir Kumar Ranchi

3 Ankle arthrodesis tip and tricks Dr Rohit Lal

4 Neglected calcaneal fracture
the way out
Dr Kumar Shantanu Anand

5 Missed Lisfranc injuries Dr Kushal Nag Kolkata

Case presentation 2 cases

🔸Technical Support: Dr Shamshul Hoda, Dr Ashok Shyam
🔹Organised by JOA, Streaming on OrthoTV


✨Jharkhand Orthopaedic Association presents Webinar on COVID and Orthopaedic Practice

🔺7th August 2020 8.30 pm : http://bit.ly/OrthoTV-JOA-7

🔹Bone and Joint Day Celebration by Jharkhand Othopaedic Association

🔸Streaming live on OrthoTv