Sonoma Orthopaedics revolutinise minimally invasive flexible implants

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Least Invasive, By Design
Sonoma Orthopedic Products’ novel fracture fixation devices and instruments revolutionize the way surgeons approach fracture repair.
Less Hardware, Less Pain
Sonoma Orthopedic Products is changing the way that fractures are repaired. Our minimally-invasive surgery requires less hardware and provides greater patient comfort.

Strength Meets Flexibility
Sonoma Orthopedic Products’ proprietary WaviBody™ and ActivLoc™ Technologies offer
least-invasive approaches to fracture repair, enabling direct access, a unique blend of flexibility
and strength, while providing rock-solid fixation.

The Sonoma WRx™ distal radius fracture fixation system provides a least invasive surgical approach for addressing distal radius fractures. Through a single, small incision the Sonoma WRx™ device can be inserted directly into the bone to provide for rigid fixation until the bone heals.
Result: Simple intramedullary access, less soft tissue trauma, minimal pain and potentially, a faster return to normal function for your patients.
The Sonoma CRx™ is the latest innovation in intramedullary clavicle fixation. WaviBody™ Technology allows the implant to take the natural curvature of the clavicle and once actuated, provides rigid support for bone healing. The procedure can be performed through small incisions, while preserving the surrounding soft tissues.
Result: Efficient surgical access, less soft tissue trauma, minimal pain, preservation of clavicle length and potentially, a faster return to normal function for your patients.
Flexible design enables minimally-invasive access to the fracture, unique intramedullary fixation and less hardware.

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Sonoma Orthopedics wins first patent

Sonoma Orthopedics has won a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its core technology. 

The maker of minimally invasive bone fixation devices has already received FDA approval for two products – one for mending wrist fractures and another for broken collarbones – and is marketing them in the U.S. and South Africa. Several other medical device makers are nearby, including TriVascular, Medlogics and Direct Flow Medical.



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