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🔶Ortho TV Health Channel🔶, powered by Ortho Worlds IORG, presents

🧘Yoga during Covid quarantine 🧘‍♀️: Workshop for Healthy Life & Stress Management

🗓Date: 25th April, 2021 ⏰Time: 12.00 PM-1.30 PM IST

📲Click to view recording Streaming live on Ortho TV :

🔶Workshop Speakers:
1. Urvashi Tyagi , New Delhi -Corporate Yoga Instructor – Yoga for Health & Stress management
2. Dr Ravi Khandelwal, Patna – Yoga Practices During Covid Times
3. Dr Sarita Kumar Randive, Paediatrician, Mumbai – Yoga in active Covid Disease – My personal experience, a conqueror
4. Mrs Sangeeta Tyagi, Delhi – Home Remedies during covid

🔶Yoga Participants:
Dr Shiva Shankar, President, IOA
Dr naveen thakkar, Secretary IOA
Dr Atul Srivastava, Vice President,IOA
Dr Rajeev Raman, Chairman Inland Fellowship IOA
Dr Ruta Kulkarni, President IFAS
Dr SN Sarraf, President BOA
Dr Madhusudan Kr, Secretary BOA
Dr Ashok Sinha, Past President BOA
Dr Manoj Choudhary, Past President BOA
Dr Amulya Singh, Chairman GOF
Dr Rakesh Choudhary, Past president BOA
Dr Rajeev Anand, Past Secretary BOA
Dr Praveen kr Sahu, past Treasurer BOA
Dr KS Anand, Secretary IFAS

🔶Moderator: Dr Shamsul Hoda, Ortho TV (for queries live, WhatsApp 7070467777)
🔶Ortho TV Coordinators:
Dr Ashok Shyam
Dr Neeraj Bijlani

You are requested to join for this interesting interactive workshop in gym/yoga attire along with your spouse for benefitting with role of yoga in healing in difficult Covid times.

Dr Shamsul Hoda
Coordinator, Ortho TV


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